Over the years, since starting out as a photographer in 1988 Robert Greshoff has constantly pursued the finest images of architecture and the built environment alongside his work photographing influential and interesting people for Editorial and Business clients. These clients have included magazines and publications like: Vanity Fair, Mayfair Times, the Guardian, The Architects Journal, Architectural Review, Building Design, Building, The Telegraph, Televisual, The Listener, Building Services Journal, Blueprint, Design Week, Health Service Journal, Nursing Times amongst others. The buildings which he has been commissioned to explore include those designed by some of the most notable architects and practices including, Fosters, AHMM and Grimshaw as well as smaller but equally respected practices like Pollard, Thomas & Edwards, PRP Architects, BPTW, Lee Evans, HMY, CDP Architects, CSDP etc. In addition, he lists amongst his clients many of the significant and creative construction and engineering establishments including, Aecom, Buro Happold, Bouygues UK, Conway and Parkeray amongst others.

In between working on commissions, the pursuance of personal work has always been an important aspect of Robert's working life.

The early 90's saw him produce a series of large format PINHOLE images of London. Later, in the late 1990's, the PERIPHERY project was initiated and was a series of images, produced on film exploring the edges of towns and cities. After an explorative journey into 360 degree panoramas and moving images, he has returned to this theme with the current KENT COAST STRUCTURES project, which is an extension of the Periphery project in that it is investigating the very edge of the county and the often unintentional human structures that abound there. This area holds great fascination both in geographical terms but more importantly in visual and social terms because these are areas where human activity frays, where planning regulations may not be strictly enforced and where the control of humans over their environment diminishes. The coastline is the space where the environmentally dominant humans meet the sea - the one domain that we cannot control. The work is produced in an intentionally naive way where the aesthetic conventions that govern commissioned work have been replaced by a consistent and compositionally restrained methodology. This approach minimises the role of the photographer as an intervening agent whilst simultaneously emphasising the subject over style and paradoxically creating a new photographic vision.

It is planned that the images will be exhibited in London in 2011 at Viewfinder Gallery and will also be published in book form.

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Photography of people, architecture and landscapes